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Thinking of enjoying some exciting adventure in the beautiful state of Idaho, United States? Then make sure you take the chance to visit and enjoy the natural spectacle and beauty known as the Twin Falls Valley, located in the cosmopolitan and small-town friendly US state of Idaho.

Idaho is known to be filled with various outdoor recreation opportunities and remarkable landscapes, little wonder why it has become a top destination for many tourists. With its capital and largest city being Boise and with thriving industries in agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism, one of Idaho’s unique attractions is its distinct climate which is affected by weather arrangements of the Pacific Ocean. The northern part of the state is usually colder, while the southern part enjoys a warmer climate most of the time.

One of the major tourist sites of the state as mentioned earlier is its Magic Valley. This spectacle of a valley has got so much to offer to visitors and new residents of the area that they are often thrilled to discover that such a place exists and they’re only visiting for the first time. Here in the Magic Valley, there is so much to do and see, and taking a tour through this valley gives you a glimpse of what makes it so magical and exciting.

Quickly, let’s take a tour through the valley and discover some of the exciting scenes you’ll encounter whenever you decide to visit, maybe on your next vacation trip.

The Visitors’ Center

Your tour through the Twin Falls, Idaho begins here as you’ll first of all get a chance to overlook the magnificent Snake River Canyon and get to learn more about the renowned Perrine Bridge that is known to attract risk-takers from all over the world all year round.

You also get to experience breathtaking views of the Bridge and the Snake River Canyon, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see some of the high rollers who’re attempting death defying base jumps into the canyon.

Centennial Waterfront Park

From the visitor’s center, our next stop will be way down into the canyon, by Centennial Waterfront Park, where you’ll notice activities like kayaking, canoeing, zip lining, golf courses, hiking trails, etc.

The park is located on the north side of Twin Falls in the Snake River Canyon, adjacent to Clear Springs Golf Course and Auger Falls Park. Here you’ll also get to enjoy stunning views of the Perrine Bridge, the Snake River Canyon and Perrine Coulee Waterfall.

Perrine Coulee Waterfall

Next is the Perrine Coulee waterfall where you’ll be expected to actually get out and get hiking right behind this remarkable waterfall. Talk about the wonders of the Perrine Coulee Waterfall which drops almost 200 feet and runs throughout the entire year.

Its flow in the summer is usually stronger but each season in the year brings out a different kind of beauty from the waterfall. While you’re hiking, remember not to get wet because your tour is just getting started.

Downtown Twin Falls

Next is the Downtown Twin Falls, which is way back up the canyon and is usually referred to as the heart of the city. Here, you’ll learn about the history of the valley and how its magic came to be. Visitors also find it as an opportunity to shop, enjoy locally sourced cuisines, arts, events, nightlife and lots of activities.

This historic old town covers multiple blocks and has something for everyone. Some of the annual events witnessed in the downtown area include; Western Days, Twin Falls Old Town Criterium, Oktoberfest, Twin Falls Light Parade and so much more!

Clif Bar & Chobani Plants

Come experience sights and sounds of one of the world’s largest yogurt factories and see how some of your favorite Clif Bars as well as your Chobani treats are made.

You’ll also get to learn about the significance of the town’s agricultural industry, its impact globally and why so many food and beverage companies prefer to make Twin Falls their home for production.

Shoshone Falls

One of the major highlights of the tour will be on the next stop; visiting our very own Shoshone Falls, a.k.a the “Niagara of the West.” This spectacular natural attraction which stretches for more than 1,000 miles is definitely the high point for anyone visiting Twin Falls.

The fall does not fail to impress with its height of about 212 feet and width of 900 feet, it is said to be actually higher than famous Niagara Falls hence the reason it is popularly referred to as the “Niagara of the West.”

Named after the tribe of Native Americans who were the historical inhabitants of the area, the fall was later developed for hydroelectric purposes in the early 20th century after it had received more national interests and frequent comparisons to Niagara.

The falls provides a fantastic blend of recreational facilities, which includes; playgrounds, picnic areas, swimming areas, hiking trails, a boat ramp, and beautiful scenery.

Snake River Canyon Jump Site

Our tour ends with a final stop at the Snake River Canyon Jump Site where it is said that the world renowned daredevil himself, “Evel Knievel” attempted to jump across in a rocket! The earthen ramp where Knievel launched from is still visible till today, located about two miles east of the Twin Falls Visitor Center.

Come and get a glimpse into the past and learn more about Knievel’s expedition, his failed attempts and success stories and if there had been any other attempts by any other person afterwards. Want to know more? Come find out for yourself.

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